AMEN Video Resources

What is AMEN?

Let’s take a look what Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) is all about. This video gives a snapshot of what AMEN stands for. This is a video of AMEN USA.

AMEN Doctors Answer Your Questions | 3ABN Today Live

Pastor John and Angela Lomacang host this week’s live program where you can ask questions of the medical and dental professionals from the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN). Don’t miss this special 3ABN Today Live program.

Pastor Doug Batchelor | The Life-Giving Touch

Pastor Doug Batchelor is the president and speaker for Amazing Facts International Ministry and the senior pastor of the Granite Bay Hilltop Adventist Church in California. Pastor Doug explores the power of human touch and faith in both physical and spiritual healing.

Brad Emde | Medical Evangelism 101—A Mental Preparation for a Serious Calling

This presentation will focus on the serious calling for an individual of any profession and training with a variety of backgrounds and cultures to be a medical evangelist.

AMEN USA Conference 2020 | Live Stream | Panel + Brian Schwartz

This is a recording of AMEN conference in United States.

What is AMEN? (2022)

AMEN USA | Would you like to transform your practice into a ministry? Do you have a desire to share Christ with your patients? AMEN can help you do that. In this video, you will learn more about AMEN and how you can get involved.

Carissa Vitorović | When I Can’t Heal

Why were many physicians enthusiastic leaders of the eugenics movement at the turn of the twentieth century? How does the underlying fear they held still influence medicine, and even spiritual care, today? In this seminar, we will be addressing both what spiritual care is and what it is not. Through this process, attendees will be empowered to provide Christ-centered spiritual care more confidently, even in the direst of circumstances.

Transform Your Practice Through Prayer

Have you ever wondered if you should pray with your patients? Or have you been afraid to? You’re not alone! Dr. Brian Schwartz and Pastor Mark Finley share ways you can transform your practice through prayer.

K’dee Elsen, PhD | What the World Needs… Now.

K’dee Elsen, PhD | Reveal and Heal The Journey to Trauma Recovery

Dr. Elsen shares how freeing life can become once you heal from trauma and live whole again. Regain your emotional health and learn the skills to restore from livening with emotional pain.

Miraculous Healing From God | Pastor Mark Finley

Why does God heal some people, but not others? Where is God when people die who have asked for healing? These are deep questions that many Christians have wondered, but a careful study of the Bible gives us insight to God and His decisions. Join Pastor Mark Finley for this message about Miraculous healing from God.