Jan 2024

Here we are in 2024. We have a wonderful finish in 2023 with our AMEN Conference in Wahroonga Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I trust that those who attended our conference have been inspired by the messages delivered by Dr. Daniel Binus and other speakers. To those who missed out on the conference, you do not want to miss the 2024 AMEN conference.

We are also re-launching our AMEN Newsletter. We have exciting news in January of 2024. We welcome our new addition to our board, Dr. Megan Forbes. And we have Dr. Shaun David-Wilathgamuwa taking up new role as as our Secretary.

We bid farewell to Dr. Joy Akrawi who has been a valued AMEN Secretary and Board member. Dr. Joy has served AMEN Australia for many years initially as a student representative, then as a board member before taking on the role as Secretary. We wish her all the best in her next ministerial role.

More exciting news can be found below – downloadable Newsletter in pdf.

Oct 2023

Our keynote speaker for our 2023 AMEN conference is Dr. Daniel Binus. He will be sharing with us his own personal journey to holistic psychiatry, and relevance of mental health in our present times specifically in relation to the Three Angels’ Messages. Dr. Binus will also be conducting workshops on ‘How to overcome Burnouts’ – a relevant subject to all health professionals and ministry workers. We have a line-up of speakers namely Dr. Daniel Akrawi (Cardiologist Registrar), Dr. Geraldine Przybylko (ELIA Wellness Executive Director), Dr. Christiana Leimena (Health Director for Greater Sydney Region), Dr. Andrea Matthews (Board Certified Lifestyle Physician for ELIA Wellness), Pr Andrew Jasper (Personal Ministries and Health Director VIC), Pr Vikram Panchal (Pastor of Bundoora SDA Church), Camila Skaf (Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Strategic Consultant), Simone Tsang (Senior Physiotherapist) and more!!

Registration is still open!

Sept 2023

We are inching closer to 2023 AMEN Conference. This year, we are privileged to have a special speaker from the US, Dr. Daniel Binus, Board-certified Psychiatrist, founder and director of Beautiful Minds Medical in Auburn, California. We also have an exciting line-up of local health professionals who will be leading our AMEN Conference programs and workshops. As some of you may be aware that there has been a few changes at AMEN this past year. We bid farewell to Dr. Antoinette Mowbray who has been AMEN President since the inception in 2012. We are thankful for her leadership in elevating AMEN to where it is today. We also bid farewell to our long term AMEN administrator, Dani Piot, who has been integral in managing AMEN behind the scenes. This year, we welcome our new AMEN President, Dr. Aaron Koh. In the upcoming months, we will be announcing exciting news and projects here at AMEN. We thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

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At AMEN, we firmly believe in inspiring and motivating all Adventist medical & dental health professionals, nurses, allied health professionals to participate in the last efforts in reaching to others through medical missionary work. This work cannot be accomplished by health professionals alone. There must be a unified effort in Christ, collaborating with pastors, elders, lay workers in this important work that has been entrusted unto us.
“Medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering. It is the pioneer work of the gospel. It is gospel practiced, the compassion of Christ revealed.” {CME 7.4}