To motivate, train, and equip Seventh-day Adventist doctors and dentists to team with pastors and members, uniting the church to restore Christ’s ministry of healing to the world, hastening His return.


The training of Seventh-day Adventist doctors and dentists to be effective medical evangelists. Christ’s methods of loving service through the ministry of healing will naturally open hearts to the gospel and the truths of the Bible.

AMEN will encourage the following:

  1. A living faith, a temperate life, and a commitment to family.
  2. A deep yearning for souls to be restored holistically to good health as God intended.
  3. Commitment to Bible and Spirit of Prophecy counsel on medical ministry.
  4. Skill in applying practical, spiritual approaches in a clinical context.


  1. Annual national conferences which promote medical evangelism through:

    • Inspirational messages
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Networking opportunities
    • Testimonials and mission opportunities
  1. Regional chapters that provide fellowship, accountability, and training.
  2. A journal dedicated to Medical Evangelism.
  3. Support of medical/dental interdivisional employees (IDE).
  4. Mentor Seventh-day Adventist medical/dental students, interns, residents, and registrars.

Actively cooperates with the Seventh-day Adventist church and its supporting ministries.


The Australian chapter of the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) was formed by a group of doctors, dentists, medical and dental students who felt the need to experience a personal revival of medical evangelism in life and practice, and were inspired by the vision and mission of AMEN in the US.


Our mission and objectives remain similar to the parent organisation, and we are grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from the Adventist Health Department in our Division; we look forward to working together collaboratively to see the fulfilment of our shared vision.


The Lord’s blessing on AMEN globally is being manifested in the following tangible ways:

AMEN members continue to be involved in overseas mission work in many places. AMEN’s international influence is growing – originally in the US (see amensda.org for details), it now includes chapters in Nigeria and the UK as well as Australia. Despite its growth and development, AMEN remains dedicated to its original goals – to inspire, equip, and motivate health professionals to become effective medical evangelists at home, in the clinic, and in the community.


Partnership in the mission for Christ embodies the essence of unity and collective purpose within the realm of faith. It reflects a harmonious alignment of hearts and minds among believers who share a common mission to spread the teachings of love, compassion, and redemption as exemplified by Christ. Such partnerships amplify the impact of individual efforts, as they foster collaborative endeavours that transcend geographical boundaries, cultural differences, and personal limitations. Grounded in the values of empathy and service, these partnerships enable the fulfillment of Christ’s teachings by jointly addressing societal needs, offering spiritual guidance, and extending a helping hand to the marginalized. Together, partners of AMEN in this sacred mission forge a powerful network of discipleship, extending the light of Christ’s message to touch lives and transform communities for the glory of God.

If you would like to be an affiliate, please contact us.