AMEN Medical Student Mentorship &

Elective Opportunities

Mentorship is an important part of development through having good role models. In a secular learning environment, sometimes it is difficult to find quality spiritual medical role models.

AMEN Australia would like to see an improvement in this through a mentorship system, where a more experienced Seventh-day Adventist medical professional can spend time mentoring a medical student throughout their training years. The mentorship would be expected not to take a significant amount of time of commitment but be comprised of quality encounters from time to time.
Matching will occur manually, aided by information suppled to AMEN Australia. If you are a medical, dental, nursing or allied health student who is interested in student mentorship or elective opportunities, please contact us below with your queries and we will be happy to advise if such opportunities are currently available.
We are also looking for mentors, so if you are an experienced Seventh-day Adventist medical professional, please contact us by clicking the button below.