The driving force behind AMEN

Dr. Aaron Koh


Dr. Aaron is a member of The Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners and co-founder of Online Church Ministry ( Dr. Aaron also serves as an Elder at Gateway Adventist Centre Lighthouse in Doncaster East, Melbourne. Since attending the first AMEN conference in 2012, Aaron has had a clear sense of God’s calling in his ministry. Driven by Christ’s ministry of health and the gospel, Aaron actively participates in evangelistic programs that combine the health message with the gospel of Christ. Dr. Aaron serves the community as a General Practitioner alongside his wife, Dr. Jessalynn Chia, at their clinic in Blackburn North, Melbourne. Dr. Chia also shares the same passion for health ministry. In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and their son, Josiah.

Dr. Shaun David-Wilathgamuwa


Dr. Shaun David-Wilthagamuwa is a recent medical graduate from UNSW and a passionate Christian. Having completed his medical degree in metropolitan, rural/remote areas, and through overseas missions, he has developed a keen interest in health education, lifestyle medicine, counselling, and integrating mission with clinical practice. Having been born in Sri Lanka, Shaun moved to Australia at the age of 11 with his younger brother and parents. Shaun was brought up In a Christian family but his journey as an Adventist only started after he moved to Australia. Having a keen interest in Health and well-being since he was young, Shaun pursued to study medicine. Throughout pursuing and studying medicine, Shaun had the opportunity to know Jesus personally and commit his life to Him. Having been saved, humbled and inspired by what Jesus has done and is doing in his life, Shaun is passionate about serving Jesus in the field of health, community and ministry.

Dr. Kathleen Lockhart


Dr Kathleen Lockhart is currently working as an unaccredited Surgical/Urology registrar for NSW Health in the Hunter New England area. Her professional interests include Urological research, the role of women and mental health in the medical professions. Her wonderful current church family is at Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist church.

Dr. Megan Forbes

Board Member

Dr. Megan completed her medical studies at University of Wollongong. She will be starting her internship in Wagga Wagga in 2024. The specialties she is considering are Rural Generalist, with advanced training in emergency medicine or palliative care. Dr. Megan is also passionate about lifestyle medicine.

The areas of ministry she is most passionate about are medical/health ministry, youth ministry, and Sabbath school. Her home church is Bowral SDA Church. In her free time, you will usually catch her outside hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, paddleboarding, or lounging in the sun reading a good book.

Dr. Marcha William

Board Member

Dr. Marcha William is an international speaker, singer, artist, composer and doctor, who is passionate about sharing how incredibly loved and valued we are to God. She enjoys composing and singing Christian devotional music to help listeners experience deeper communion with God.

Dr. Marcha has worked as a medical doctor for ten years including five years in the mental health department, and has completed a Bachelor of Music Honours, having graduated with high distinction and university medal award. Dr. Marcha hopes in the future to engage in further study in music neuroscience, to research the benefits of music for those suffering from depression and anxiety. It is her goal to accompany the message of God’s healing love with music composed for congregations and communities that not only leads them to the foot of the cross but also brings healing to the mind and soul.

Dr. Jessalynn Chia

Board Member

Dr. Jessalynn completed her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology before going on to study postgraduate medicine. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2016 and she is currently working as a GP in Melbourne. Her passion lies in combining personal ministry with medical missionary work, reaching the hearts of people through “Christ’s method alone”.

Pr. Andrew Jasper

Pastoral Advisor

Andrew Jasper is passionate about people being transformed by the blended work of Christ through health and gospel ministry.  After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry at Weimar College, he ventured and served in literature evangelism, Bible work, public evangelism, local church pastoring, and health ministries.

He currently serves in the Adventist Church as the Victorian Conference Health, Stewardship and Personal Ministries Director bringing his experiences into an integrated whole.  He is also part of Nedley Health’s international team of trainers for the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.  He is known for his lively presentations and encouragement to deepen our relationship with Jesus.

He enjoys living life with his wife, Keryn, two boys, Emerson and Simon and their family dog, Lucy, in the alpine foothills northeast of Melbourne.

Shenai Koren

Student Representative

Shenani is a medical student studying at the University of New South Wales. She is passionate about incorporating God’s health message into medical study and practice and using health ministry to draw people to Christ. In her spare time, Shenani enjoys playing musical instruments and singing, learning languages, rock climbing, playing basketball, bushwalking and loves meeting new people!